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Root Guide

Never let roots dry out. Plant immediately or cover with moist dirt until planting. Do not leave roots exposed over night.

Bury roots just over the highest root, Never bury the graft as you  will kill your tree.

Water tree after you back fill. Begin water cycle after buds break.

Do not place gravel or sand under the root ball.

Do not break root ball when planting, we suggest using stream of water to loosen the roots for release.  Another common method of scoring the sides with a properly sharpened knife typically make foliage of tree or shrub wilt.

Make sure water is put directly on root ball. Do not plant anything in a hole where water does not drain away. To check if your tree or shrub is getting too much or too little water, dig down next to root ball before next watering and pick up some soil in your hand. If water squirts out when you squeeze it, you need to decrease water. If it appears dry, increase water.

Make sure the top of the root ball is slightly above ground level.

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