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Our blooms are priced for landscaping the entire yard.  We carry a wide variety of annuals and perennials. 

Caring for your plants: 

Select the proper location for each plant or flower.  Focus on the amount of sun & other growing conditions.  Place any sun-loving plants near bright locations and shade-loving in indirect light.  Plant your flowers and plants at the right time--indoor plants can be planted year round, outdoor plants & flowers require specific times like spring / summer bulbs, annual flowers and summer & fall vegetables.

Give the plants room to grow, space them according to mature height & width requirements.  As they grow replant in bigger containers for continued growth.  Use top quality soil for plants grown in pots & containers, mix organic matter or compost to enrich the soil for flowers & plants grown outside.  Fertilize your flowers specifically for the type of plant.  Test your soil, contact your garden center for testing.  Adjust your fertilize according to the results of the testing.

Water the plants and flowers using basic rules: provide 1 inch of water per week during the growing season for outdoor plants & water indoor container plants when the 2 inches of soil is dry. Make sure plants in pots are well drained.

Inspect your plants often for any signs of pests & diseases on all parts of the plants.  Look for any changes in texture, color or form. 

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